Process until product preparation

After entering the factory, the licorice root is inspected by the quality control unit delivered to the warehouse unit after sampling and relevant tests.
In the storage units, the roots are during the drying and storage period. All its physical, chemical, and microbial properties are always protected and cared for to produce a safe product.
The dried root is delivered to the production unit. This root enters the mill after passing through the related derived from separating soil and metals, and the crushing operation takes place.
In the next step, the root will enter the relevant selection for extraction. The extracted dilate extract enters the concentration operation of the diluted extract into a syrup with high concentration.
Finally, according to the pre-determined program, this extract is injected into the spray dryer in order to prepare the powder, or it is transferred to the finishers, and after reading a certain concentration in the dough, it will be molded into a solid extract.
Each stage is equipped with very fine filters and descaling tanks in order to separate the licorice extract during the relevant process.